With joy and color, Digi Rush celebrated Holi 2023 with a bang

India is a country of festivals, and it’s amazing how joyfully and collectively we Indians celebrate every single one of them. Nevertheless, the biggest celebration that most of us look forward to is Holi. Right?


The festival marks the victory of good over evil, the coming of spring, and the end of winter, and for many, it is a joyous occasion to socialize, have fun, forget, and forgive, as well as rebuild broken relationships.

Digi Rush leaves no chance to celebrate any fest to boost the work environment. We always make sure to celebrate each occasion with the same zeal and provide our staff members with a sense of family.


We all celebrated this celebration after working for half a day, as we are also committed to our work and providing the timely completion of the work to our clients. The HR department wanted to create a joyful atmosphere before we played Holi, so we all agreed to play some games and got involved in enjoyable activities.


The following interesting activities that we did were :


  • The Wall Of Colors – While the festival is a celebration of color, we began by having fun by decorating our office with various themes utilizing dupattas, balloons and flowers in varying shades. 


  • Ultimate Gujiya Junkie – As we proceeded, we were given sweets, enjoyed a mini party of samosa and gujiyas, and had a lot of chats with our coworkers.


  • Fun Games – A game of musical chairs was started, in which almost everyone took part. The chairs were arranged in a row, and each employee was standing in front of their chair when the music began. When it ended, we had to sit down on the chairs, and the player who was left would lose. We finished the game after four rounds of music, at which point the HR declared the winner and presented them with a gift.


Finally, the moment is here!!


We had all been ready for the explosion of visual play up until this point. We all went up to the terrace and applied various shades to each other, filled the air with the paints, and took turns pouring coloured water. The scary faces were proof of how much we enjoyed the day. We danced while getting covered in color and indulging in delectable Holi goodies. The entire evening was spent having fun on the patio, enjoying the live discussion, music, dance, and vibrant displays.


At Digi Rush, we create traditions for each festival, treat our staff like family, and consider them first in everything we do. We believe that these types of celebrations can increase our employees’ commitment to their work, dedication, and hard work because they may serve as a boost to their ability to handle pressure at the office.


The day ended and each employee was greeted with sweets. Our co-founders delivered a speech and wished everyone to celebrate this festival safely with our family and friends. Hence, we can say in a happy atmosphere, we all enjoyed this festival at Digi Rush.

Shivani Jain

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