The secret to ranking high on Google in 2023: Tips from the experts

Google has been the most popular search engine in the world for a long time. It receives over 95 billion visits a month in total. If you own an online business or a website, you will also be striving to rank high on Google. Right? As such, ranking on Google is just like those new-age games that are being played by many even though they know that only a few lucky ones will come out on top.

Thus, it is not surprising that everyone with a website is competing for that top position on the first page of results when you search via Google. But how are we supposed to rank higher on Google despite all our efforts? 


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1. Do some heavy keyword research 


You know that your products are well received by your clients, which is why you chose to establish a web presence by building a website for your business. Imagine that you are a customer yourself, and you are looking for information about your business. What would you type into that search bar? 

Your SEO strategy can be built around these strings of words that you use to represent what’s in your head. They are what define the foundation and the structure of your website. As such, it is advisable to use keywords that have a high number of searches, and to create content based on them, so that Google can quickly find them and assist you in ranking. 


2. Match your content to search intent 


Look at the content that ranks on the first page of search results to determine whether your content matches search intent. The term search intent is used to describe what the user is trying to accomplish by performing a search. For your content to be fully effective, you must understand the why behind what each searcher is looking for and address it appropriately in your content.


3. Focus on both On-Page SEO and Technical SEO


Optimizing all the elements that appear on the pages of your website, such as headlines, page titles, and images is very significant. In other words, it means organizing your content hierarchically using H1-H6 tags. Also, you should eliminate any dead links. Dead links are common on many websites since most websites are a work in progress: new content is created and old content is removed.

Furthermore, technical SEO issues can also seriously damage your site’s SEO, even though they are rare. In that respect, you also need to pay attention to that as well. 


4. Try to reduce the bounce rate 


Having a high bounce rate on your website isn’t healthy for the success of your site. It is critical to remember that if you have many people click through to your site, then hit the back button without engaging with it, then Google will determine that the page is unimportant to searchers and will bring it down in search results. Make sure that it is not too much. 


5. Add internal links 


One of the most effective ways to improve Google rankings is by creating internal links within your website. Internal links are hyperlinks pointing to another page within the same domain. To put it simply, they play a critical role in helping Google find and index your website. 

By having a well-designed internal linking structure, you will ensure that users have a clear understanding of the most relevant content on your website. Ideally, you should place internal links towards the beginning of your web page to make sure they are easily found. In addition, this can greatly improve your bounce rate, and improving it will result in a lower bounce rate. 


Wrapping up


You can commit to great lengths to rank higher on Google, but it makes more sense to start with the easy things that you can control. We guarantee you will see a significant increase in organic search traffic if you master these above fundamentals first.

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