Lohri celebrations at Digi Rush: An evening filled with laughter and joy

Among the many festivals in India, Lohri stands out for its unique perception and significance. Traditionally, this festival marks the harvest of Punjab’s crops and the end of the winter season in the northern part of the country.



Since this was the first festival of 2023, Digi Rush has ensured that this year’s Lohri celebrations will not only be remembered by everyone but also fill their hearts with joy and laughter. In light of this, we all gathered together to sing and dance to the tunes of Lohri songs in front of a crackling fire as part of our celebration of Lohri.


But the fun doesn’t stop here. To enhance the enjoyment of the evening, our teammates decided to participate in some fun activities before the bonfire began. We began the evening with a toast from our seniors, who shared their warmest wishes with everyone present. Afterward, the following activities were conducted :


  • The guessing game – Each participant had the opportunity to pick up a chit and then draw the word on the board. Everyone else was then required to guess. It was a lot of fun. And yes, we have also selected our winner.  It was Chandan Sir who transformed the beautiful beach into mountains, creating a masterpiece that everyone loved.
  • Damsharas – There is no doubt that this is one of the most popular games of all time in this era. A tough film title was given to one person, and the rest of the group had to guess what it was. It was an evening of laughs, funny actions, and hilarious reactions from everyone that made it one to remember.


As the sun was setting, a small bonfire was lit. The employees gathered around the fireside to join in prayer by throwing tin, popcorn, and puffed rice into the flames, then distributing it among themselves. Here is where the actual fun begins.


Throughout the evening, we sang and danced to our heart’s content and enjoyed Punjabi folk songs to the hilt. Samosas and Chai were served as part of the tasty and hot menu. It was a memorable event that bonded us all and we must admit that it created a sense of closeness among us.


As a company, Digi Rush considers its employees to be family. No matter how much we protest, work pressure is a reality for everyone. Creating a culture of celebration can therefore help employees cope with stress and stay motivated, productive, and sane.


After a long and fun day, the evening ended with an incredible pizza party in the office. It must be said that we all had a truly wonderful day filled with a lot of happiness.

Gaganpreet Kaur

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