Designing and developing a website for a cutting-edge digital marketing agency: Blue Particle Solutions

Designing and developing a website for a cutting-edge digital marketing agency: Blue Particle Solutions

Website development is a vital component of the success of any business as it can be used for a variety of purposes such as marketing strategies, building your business, enhancing your online presence, CRM, filing, storing information, efficient means of promoting your business, learning tools, sales, communication, boosting your reputation as an authority, showcasing your work and many other reasons. 


Digital Rush was tasked with providing Blue Particle Solutions with a simple, compelling, and functional website that could make it easy for visitors to find exactly what services they are seeking as soon as they land on their website, and then convert them into paying customers

Blue Particle Solutions 


Blue particles is a Web development and Digital Marketing agency based in kasumpti Shimla. They are listed on Upwork to do full-stack app development and backend development and are available 24/7. They offer a wide range of services that are tailored to meet the needs of a diverse client base.

Here is a detailed case study of developing the Blue Particles website : 


Industry: IT 


Task: Design and develop a user-friendly business website with clear services and hand it over to the client 


Technologies & Integration: Elementor website builder – WordPress Plugin


Duration: 15 days 

Our Services 

  • Research
  • Custom WordPress
  • Logo design 
  • Responsive development

The Challenges 


Our client is looking for a website that has a clear purpose, sufficient information and is professionally designed. As Digi Rush provides the same services as them, we are aware of the whats and hows of everything. The major challenges were not encountered, but the minor ones were.


The minor challenges of the project required : 


  1. Due to WordPress’s open-source nature, its core code files, as well as plugins and themes, are accessible for anyone to inspect and exploit to discover security loopholes. As a result, it was challenging for us to manage every aspect and install a security plugin. 
  2. There are times when an elementor completely slows down the site’s speed. Considering the importance of each page to us, we had to take special care. 
  3. Enhance user engagement by adding social media icons.

The Process 


As this website is created using WordPress, the process is straightforward to follow. 


We created a custom-designed, responsive website using 3 HTML elements according to the client’s requirements to make it available online. Following that, we sent it to the client for their approval, and after the client had approved it, we began developing it on WordPress, and we finally delivered it to them within 15 working days. 

The Outcome


Launch Date: 1 February 2023


Using WordPress, our design and development team worked together with the Blue Particles team, we finally launched a simple yet elegant website. 


Main highlights provided : 


  1. A perfect call to action button can be found on each of the pages for the individual services.
  2. We added a blog section to the site, which was a breeze. 


Digi Rush can assist you with developing a website that will enhance your business. There is a team of whole experts of web developers, designers, and search engine optimization executives that are devoted to managing all your website needs as well as ranking it well on Google. Hire now!

Chandan Sharma

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