Design and Development of a Tour Booking Website – Dream Bharat Travel

Design and Development of a Tour Booking Website – Dream Bharat Travel

Organizing a personal trip, from the first thought to the final purchase, can be a time-consuming and complicated process. Right? Several questions are jumping up in our brains before we even think of traveling someplace. As well, if you visited a new place but wasted a lot of time trying to locate hotels, food, or vehicles and felt that you could have benefited from more planning. 


Dream Bharat Travel saw the potential in Digi Rush’s platform as a way to make sure their customers enjoyed an unforgettable vacation experience to make their holiday as memorable as possible.

Dream Bharat Travel 

As a premium travel company with a broad range of services, Dream Bharat Travel is one of the most respected names in the industry. The company offers a reasonably priced package of services, including hotels and taxi services. By booking everything ahead of time, they make the planning process less stressful. 


Here is a detailed look at the case study of developing the Dream Bharat Travel website –


Industry: Travel and tourism


Task: Create a user-friendly, visually pleasing business website and hand it over to the client 


Technologies & Integration : Powered by WordPress ( + Contact form 7 plugin ) 


Duration: 10 days


Development model: Developer/ Designer only

 Our Services 


  • Research
  • User Experience design
  • Custom WordPress
  • Web design

The Challenges 


The client wanted to revamp their website to meet the expectations of travelers and as part of their overall brand communication strategy.


The key challenges of the project required : 


  1. Having an appealing website where people can fill out the form for any questions is important.
  2. Present various tourist destinations as a way to connect travelers to trips, attractions, events, and resources to turn online visitors into real tourists.
  3. The website should be easy to update, have a clear message, and be well-designed. 
  4. Enhance user engagement by adding social media icons.

The Process 


A strategy was created for the development and design of a website. Upon completion, we built the website using WordPress, which allows the client to update it with the latest events and services whenever they wish, and carefully fill out the form to know more


We needed to ensure the website would be an effective marketing tool; therefore, we chose strong imagery, an intuitive navigation system, and a clear call to action. We have also added some reviews, discussions, and even statistics so that we could tell the number of previous customers we have. 


Hence, through aesthetic and user experience enhancements, we strived to make the website more engaging and accessible for visitors.

The Outcome 

Launch Date: 22 December 2022

The website was finally delivered to the client as a result of our efforts. 

As part of our travel website development service, Dream Bharat Travel will be able to attract new customers and offer information to their existing clients. 

Main highlights provided : 

  1. Visitors to the website have access to all the information they require to learn more about the brand, follow them on social media, or call them for more information about their services.
  2.  The content and images on the website are very exciting and add a lot of interest to it.

We are grateful to Dream Bharat Travel for placing their trust in us, and we are proud to be able to deliver the website they are looking for within the time frame they have listed.

Chandan Sharma

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