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Keeping your website up to date or upgrading it on a regular basis is extremely important. It offers excellent exposure to digital marketing, as well as resulting in an increase in the number of social signals and traffic to our websites.
From creating stunning graphics to constructing site architecture that is designed to inspire, interest, engage, and convert your target audience, Digi Rush covers all bases.

Our suite of Web redesigning services includes :

  • Redesigning Conventional websites
  • Landing page redesign and optimization
  • Content Migration 
  • Redesigning theme/ template
  • Custom WordPress redesigning 
  • eCommerce Website redesign 









Why would you redesign your website with Digi Rush?

Optimized for SEO

The design and layout of your website need to be revamped, but it also needs search engine optimization. Almost every aspect of the website is optimized for search engines, including your images, CSS, and code.

Ingenious graphics & animations

To ensure that more and more visitors to our website can engage with the content, our developers use professional graphics and animation.

Gives fresh looks

Our website redesigning services transform your outdated and not generating leads websites into up-to-date ones that are more effective.

Frequently Asked Questions

One should consider redesigning the website if the current website is outdated, the user experience is poor, the website is not mobile friendly, or if the website is not meeting business aims. By redesigning you can improve the website’s visual appeal, and functionality and could also make it easier for visitors to navigate and find the information they need for their requirements.

To improve website performance through a website redesign, you need to take certain actions such as optimizing the website speed that could help to load quickly, need to simplify the website design and make it mobile friendly and you also need to use clear call-to-action buttons. Moreover, you should always ensure that the website is SEO optimized to attract clients.

As such, there is no set time frame for when a website should be redesigned. However, website redesigns are typically done every 2-3 years to keep up with changing design trends, and technology updates, and to ensure the website is meeting the needs of your users. It’s important to regularly assess the performance of the website and make updates as needed to improve the user experience and achieve business goals.

Tips for redesigning a website generally involve the use of call-to-action buttons, simple navigations, optimize for mobile, use of high-quality images, easy checkout process while payment and creating high-quality content for engaging the targeted audience. By implementing these, you can create a website that is user-friendly and helps to increase leads and sales for the business.

For the website redesign, we mainly start with proper analysis and research of the current website, knowing the goals and objectives of the business, creating a plan considering all the factors, implementing all plans for the redesign and lastly doing testing before launching the main website to ensure that it is functioning properly or not. Once the testing is done we launch the main website to target the right audience.

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