A patriotic celebration of India’s 74th Republic Day by Digi Rush

The Indian Constitution was adopted on January 26, 1950, marking the State’s declaration as a Sovereign, Democratic and Republican state. This day commemorates the spirit of independence in India. As part of the national celebration, the Digi Rush team also celebrated with a great deal of gaiety and patriotic fervor.


This occasion was made special and memorable thanks to everyone’s enthusiasm. Several exciting events such as damsharas, quizzes, guessing games, etc were organized by HR to promote recreational activities.



Our workplace was awash with colors, reflecting the vibrant Indian colors that were understated the previous day. Throughout the office, flags and balloons were displayed in a tri-color theme, making it a beautiful environment. In keeping with the same theme, all employees wore clothing in colors like saffron, white, and green. It was the perfect day to sprinkle some tri-colored outfits into the scene and make it look even much better.


Following a period of working, celebrations began at the end of the second half. Our seniors delivered a heartfelt speech about the history and rich heritage as part of the festivities and urged employees to love their country. Then we played –

  • Historical Quiz

Our HR asked some historical questions, and we were impressed with the depth of knowledge everyone displayed about their respective countries. While the tricky questions appeared easy, the savage answers made the day even more enjoyable.

  • Damsharas

This game is a favorite among our employees at all times. The excitement of having the guess increases exponentially when hilarious acts and actions are carried out.

  • Charades

The level of fun in the environment is doubled with this game. The employees stand in line and take turns without speaking. The last person finally has to guess what it is about and say it aloud.

  • Balloon Pyramid


Each employee places a balloon in the mouth and inflates it to secure the cup. As soon as they moved the cup to their target table, they deflated the balloon and placed it on the table to form a pyramid.


The fun session is finally over, and it was time to have some snacks. There were hot samosas and chai on the table. The event was also accompanied by a picture session. Many memories of the day were saved in the form of those pictures.


Digi Rush is always delighted to share the spirit of pleasantness at the workplace. We always have a variety of entertaining activities. The employees are encouraged to perform at their best as a result of this.


Lastly, a surprise gift was given to us by our founders. With the announcement of the long weekend holiday, the evening became more lively and enjoyable.
The smiles on our faces said it all!!

Gaganpreet Kaur

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